Oops! Now What Do I Do?

Jan 09, 2021 10:00AM—12:00PM



You too can be a knitting surgeon and seamlessly fix your knitting mistakes! Explore and practice how to use a lifeline, when to frog (i.e., rip back), when to tink (unknit backward), and when to drop stitches and pick them up. You’ll even practice how to correct an incorrectly crossed cable. Leave empowered to conquer any knitting oops!

Jolie Elder has explored a wide range of needle arts since learning to cross stitch at age four. She designs, teaches, spins, and stunt knits in the Atlanta area where she demystifies the obscure. She has served on the boards of Atlanta Knitting Guild, North Georgia Knitting Guild, Southeast Fiber Arts Alliance, and the Center for Knit and Crochet. She has published in PLYSpin-Off, and Cast On. Her cleverest unvention is a method for working stockinette-based laces reversibly. You can view her experiments at her blog, jolieaelder.blogspot.com, and on her YouTube channel, “Jolie knits.”

$30 – $36

Additional Supply Fee: None.

Scholarship Available: No

Level: Beginner with prior knitting experience.

Number of Students: 5-20

Required Supplies:

  • Homework swatch still on needles
  • Crochet hook
  • Non-slippery double-pointed needles