Sounds Right: Reverberation Elimination Project

Aug 28, 2022 1:00PM—5:00PM


SEFAA Center 3420 W. Hospital Ave. Chamblee, GA 31014

Cost 0.0



Join us to pitch in and work on a communal project – making denim banners to hang from the SEFAA Center ceiling. Not only will the banners look great and showcase our creativity, but they will also improve the Center’s acoustics (especially for online events). How? Well, the SEFAA Center has a lot of hard surfaces and a high ceiling which means we experience reverberation – sounds are blurred because we hear the same sound several times as it is reflected off our hard surfaces. The way to fix this is by adding sound-absorbing materials to the surfaces that the sound reflects on. So, we’re starting with the ceiling and getting creative – embellishing 12″ x 18″ denim panels with hand or machine stitching, fabric paint, fabric collage, applique, or …! We’ll have some denim fabric, plenty of embroidery floss, a few paints, and other supplies for you to use and/or you can bring your own. This is a great way to upcycle old denim and miscellaneous textile goodies while spending an enjoyable afternoon making and hanging out with friends. See you there!

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