Spinning for Socks: Step by Step Success (Rescheduled)

Nov 29, 2020 1:00PM—4:00PM

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If you’ve been wanting to spin your own sock yarn but you aren’t quite sure of where to start, this is the (virtual!) class for you. We’ll start with a combination of lecture and demonstration, during which Debbie will cover the properties behind spinning a durable sock yarn: fiber selection and fabric, twist and its analysis, and choice in ply structure. You’ll then spend the rest of the class putting this information to practice, spinning up samples of chain-plied, crepe, and traditional 3-plied yarns, for ongoing reference. Class time includes a short break, and time for questions. After class, put your newfound knowledge to good use and finish spinning and plying the yarn for a pair of wonderfully comfortable handspun, hand-knit socks! Note: See below for homework to be completed before class.

Debbie Held is an international spinning instructor, a freelance writer, and a self-proclaimed spinster. She’s been blending wool and words since 2015, when she merged her career in journalism with her handspinning obsession – and she hasn’t stopped talking (and writing) about spinning since. Debbie is a recurring contributor to Spin Off and PLY magazines, the Long Thread Media spinning blog, and the SweetGeorgia Yarns blog. She also periodically creates content for the Schact Spindle Company website, and she’s an online spinning instructor for the School of SweetGeorgia.

$45 to $55

Additional Supply Fee: None

Scholarship Available: No

Level: This class is for spinners who:

  • Thoroughly understand the workings of their spinning wheel (ratios, changing bobbins without issues, drive system, etc.);
  • Can spin a stable and relatively consistent singles yarn; and who
  • Are comfortable plying together 2 (or more) bobbins of singles.

Required Supplies:

  • One braid of 100% commercial wool top (BFL, Polwarth, Corriedale, etc.—just choose your favorite), plus a few staple length’s worth of a contrasting-colored fiber (any breed or blend).
  • Spinning wheel (any type of treadle wheel or e-spinner) in good working order, set up and ready for use. (Note: If you are an avid spindler and don’t use a wheel, you are welcome to take this class so long as you meet the other criteria. Please bring four suspended spindles, plus the rest of the listed supplies. Three should weigh ¾–1 oz and the fourth should weigh more than an ounce.If you have only 3 spindles in total, we’ll work around it.)
  • 4 bobbins (if you only have 3 and don’t wish to purchase another, Debbie will offer a workaround)
  • Lazy Kate with 3-bobbin capacity
  • 6 note cards (with or without lines)
  • Pen or pencil

Provided Supplies: None

Homework: Unchain your braid of fiber. Holding the ends held together, fold the wool in half and split it into 2 pieces. Take one half and split it into thirds (either verically or horizontally); then spin each of these thirds onto its own bobbin.