White to Wow – Kitchen Safe Dyeing

Aug 22, 2020 1:00PM—2:00PM

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Learn to dye with food coloring and Easter egg dyes and create beautiful hand-dyed yarns with minimum fuss and maximum fun! You’ll dye a skein of sprinkle yarn with crushed Easter egg dyes and then you’ll dye several smaller solid-color skeins that coordinate. We’ll send you the dyes and the yarn and guide you through the kitchen-safe process virtually. Then you can share this easy, colorful, and satisfying shelter-in-place activity with your family and friends.

Gale Evans has loved fiber arts ever since her grandmother taught her needlepoint and cross-stitch in elementary school. She didn’t focus on that love, though, until she studied indigo dyeing in Fukuoka, Japan and batik in Indonesia during her five-year stay in Japan. When she returned to the US in her early 30’s, Gale put a serious career spin on her amateur obsession, and she’s been dyeing yarns and fibers for Gale’s Art ever since. Gale sells her art online at www.galesart.com and at a variety of festivals and shows across the country.

$35 – $42

Additional Supply Fee: None. Supply kit fee for dyes, yarn, and miscellaneous supplies are included in the class cost. Note: Register before midnight on August 17th so that we have time to mail your supplies to you.

Scholarship Available: No

Level: Beginner

Required Supplies:

  • White vinegar, 2 cups maximum
  • Paper towels
  • Spoons
  • Microwaveable bowls and plates (white or clear will allow you to see your colors better)
  • Small plastic cups or an ice cube tray
  • Microwave

Optional Supplies: Gloves and an apron